How long is a workshop?

A typical workshop may take up to 6 hours - please allocate the appropriate amount of time for your reservation


What does a workshop include?

Our team will:

  • Set up your tufting station with your requested design
  • Source the proper yarn according to the colors of your requested design
  • Provide instruction on how to use a tufting gun
  • Supervise throughout the entire tufting session
  • Glue, trim, and apply a backing to your rug


Where does the workshop take place?

Workshops are hosted out of my art studio in Greenpoint - further details are provided after signing up


How are designs chosen for my rug?

All participants are given the freedom to create the design of their choosing, as long as it fits within our design guidelines (guidelines will be emailed to participants ahead of their workshop date). Scattered Kind will not create your design for you


How large will my rug be at the end of the workshop?

Participants will be working on 2.5x2.5ft frames. When we receive your design, we will be making the image as large as possible within the dimensions of  the frame


When will I receive my finished piece?

We require 3-4 weeks to glue, trim, and apply a backing to your rug. Once completed, we will email you with details to pick it up


How many people can work on 1 rug?

Due to space/Covid restrictions, each workshop slot is limited to 1 person only


Can I cancel/reschedule my reservation?

ALL RESERVATIONS ARE FINAL. Refunds/reschedules are not permitted


Do I need to be vaccinated?

Yes. We require all participants to be vaccinated prior to their workshop